How should I set up my products?

Products should be set up on a non-slip mat or rug. The space should also be free of obstacles and anything that could be considered a trip hazard.

Where are Born Ready Toys manufactured?

We manufacture our products locally by hand in Zurich, Switzerland and in partnership with a family carpentry business in the south of Germany.
Choosing where to manufacture our products was a very important decision for us. We wanted to ensure that we could uphold quality craftsmanship whilst also ensuring sustainable methods and our environmental footprint was reduced as much as possible.

Are the products safe?

Yes. Safety is something we take very seriously at Born Ready Toys and we are following the European CE recommendation and the EN 71-1 standard for safety of toys.

In order to get our products CE certified we had them tested by DEKRA, an independent and professional testing organisation in Germany.

Safety is however also very much up to how your product is used and therefore reading and following the manual is very important.

I am not sure which product is best for my child, what do you recommend?

We recommend checking out our products. Each of our product pages include a recommended age range, prerequisite skills and skills to develop.

We’re also more than happy to give you some specific advice, email us at info@bornreadytoys.com with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Subscription (Zürich Only)

What is included in my Born Ready Subscription?

Great question! The Born Ready Subscription includes the use of one of our age appropriate, Montessori inspired products at any given time for CHF 38.-/ month (plus shipping). As your little one masters and reaches new developmental milestones, you can choose to exchange your current product for another product.

We’ll also keep you updated on how to support your child’s motor development and inspiration on how to best use, and be creative with your products.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is a minimum 3 month subscription period, however we doubt you’ll be in any hurry to return our products. Send us an email 1 month prior to your subscription renewal date if you’d like to make any changes to your subscription.

I started with the Born Ready Subscription and now we'd like to buy the product, is that an option?

We’re so happy to hear you love our products! We have designed our products slightly differently for subscription and purchasing in mind, therefore if you decide to buy the product you currently have on subscription, you will need to return the subscription product and order one to purchase.

Reach out to us via email info@bornreadytoys.com and let us know so we can make the process as easy as possible for you.

We will also throw in a 5% discount on one (1) item if you were signed up to the Born Ready Subscription for the minimum 3 month period.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the product I received, what should I do?

We’re really sorry to hear, let’s get things sorted for you ASAP. Reach out to us via email info@bornreadytoys.com and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Be sure to provide us with your order number, date of purchase and order email so we can help get things on track.


What is the cost of shipping?
The cost of shipping to Switzerland and Germany is free.
How long does delivery take?
Delivery takes approximately 1-3 days in Germany and Switzerland. To other European Countries it does take 3-5 days.
How large are the packages?
We have some seriously fun and good quality products coming your way! The largest items are approximately 1000mm x 500mm x 200mm and can weigh up to 16kg. Be sure to take care lifting your package when it arrives and where possible we recommend 2 people be involved.
Do you deliver to the EU & Internationally?
We currently are only shipping to Germany and Switzerland. However if you are interested in the product. We might be able to find a way how to get the product to your country. Simply email us at info@bornreadytoys.com.


How can I change or cancel my order?

After you have submitted your order, you cannot change it online. Whenever possible we try to manually adjust the order for you. Please contact us for change requests and write us an email at info@bornreadytoys.com.

Please note: If your order is already in our shipping process at this point, it is unfortunately no longer possible for us to change the order.

What are my payment options?

On our Online shop www.bornreadytoys.com we offer you the following payment options:

  • Credit card (MASTERCARD, VISA & American Express)
  • PayPal
If you’re having issues at the online checkout, send us an email to info@bornreadytoys.com


Can I return my order?
It is very important to us that you are satisfied with your Born Ready delivery. Returns are therefore of course possible: Unused items need to be returned in their original packaging within 14 days of receipt and along with the postage costs for the return. Please note the following for fast and flawless processing of returns:
  • Firstly reach out to us via email (info@bornreadytoys.com) to initiate the return process.
  • Include the delivery note provided by us with your return so that we can correctly assign your return.
  • Keep the receipt (from the post office) of your return until we have processed your return and refunded your money.
Do I have to pay the postage for the return myself?
Are you not satisfied with your order? Then you can send them back within 14 days of receiving them, provided that they have not been used, and are in their original packaging. The postage costs for returns have to be paid by you. In the event of a complaint, it depends entirely on the case. Therefore, please always contact us first before you want to send back products that you have complained about.
I received a damaged item, what can I do?
If you have received a damaged item, please send us an e-mail to info@bornreadytoys.com. Ideally, with a photo or video of the damaged item. This way we can guarantee fast and flawless processing of complaints.