5 Tips to Get You & Your Little Ones Started

The Climber & Slide is designed to encourage open-ended play and support gross motor development. Here’s 5x tips to get you and your little ones started:

Let Your Little Ones Lead The Way

Give your littles ones the time to explore The Climber & Slide, this might mean they observe it and don’t play with it immediately - follow their interest and pace. Once they show signs that they’re interested, encourage them and be there to support them - empower them.

Encourage Their Interest

Experiment by hanging silk scarves and small toys on the climbing rungs to use The Climber as a baby gym/ mobile and to encourage the little ones to grasp and stand. Throw a blanket over The Climber to create a cosy reading nook or set up the slide to race cars and balls down the ramp. And of course, follow your little ones and let them inspire you all!

Put The Climber & Slide Away

When the child is finished with climbing, it is safe to put it away. This enforces a timeline with activities. It tells the child that there is a beginning, middle, and an end.

Model How to Use It

Our little ones learn so much from watching us. Model with two hands how to securely grasp the climbing rungs & demonstrate how to place your foot on a climbing rung. Older siblings & friends are also great role models and have been known to show the little ones how it's done!

Modify The Setup To Their Level

Observe your littles ones and modify the steepness of The Climber & the incline of The Slide as necessary. We design our toys so that they are modular and adaptable for growing babies and toddlers. When they're ready for the next challenge, adjust to the next level of steepness and be there to support them!